Where to Mount FPR?

Day 4

Discovered last night that the brass fuel barbs I had purchased were the wrong thread size. I assumed wrongly that they were 3/8″ BSP, but I needed 3/8″ NPT which is a size more commonly used in the USA. So after I buggered around trying to find some locally, I got Piratek to order some in for early next week. Done.

Thanks to a suggestion from Fat Boy Dave, I’m now thinking of mounting the fuel regulator in the boot near the tank. I understand that there will be a slight drop in pressure, but that can be easily fixed by just cranking up the regulator. This will mean I don’t have to run a fuel return line… which is great because I just hate crawling around under cars!

The supplier of the carb adapter, has stated in a FAQ on his web site that the run from the regulator should be no more than 3 foot. I have requested more info from him, hopefully I might hear from him by the end of the weekend. Discussing this today with Mick, we both thought… just suck it and see. But being the techo type I would like to know what the reasoning was behind the statement. If anyone reading this knows why, please let us know.

Not related to the MS’ing of my car, but I discovered when leaving Mick’s that I had no panel lights when I turned on my headlights, but they turned on with the parkers!? Half way home a car following me was flashing his lights, so I pulled over to discover that my taillights were only coming on with my parkers, but not with my headlights… damm out with the multimeter tomorrow.

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