Vacuum & Injector ‘O’ Ring Leaks

OK, finally pulled my finger out, and farted… just joking! She is now running again!

  • Had a problem initially with it idling with a low vacuum (~50kPa) instead of around 30kPa. Found that the MAP rubber hose was ‘brittle’ and leaking at the new vacuum take off nipple I made. Replaced hose, all OK now.
  • Took it for some low speed back street driving using the auto-tune function of TunerStudio to dial in the VE table.
  • Have to do more driving to get the VE table any ware right, but I have noticed that the weird peak and hump I had with the previous VE table is gone. Maybe the re-positioning of the vacuum take off, or maybe the leaking injector ‘O’ ring sorted this out?
  • Car does not hesitate just off idle like it did before, in fact it is very smooth in the low/mid RPM range and has no problem pulling 3rd gear around street corners.
  • Have to find a better place for the Megasquirt, maybe under my drivers seat as I have a spare longer harness.

No photos as nothing has really changed. I’ll post my VE tables when I’ve done more miles. (I’ve done nearly 10,000km’s on the EFI so far).


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