The Mini Is Sold

A sad note for my son and I as the car is now sold. My son has grown up with the car over the last 15 years; from him sitting on my lap at 3 years old and steering it into the garage, to learning to drive it into the driveway to getting his ‘L’ and learning to drive it on the road.

Hamish’s last drive to South Werribee

Baring any hiccups it should be gone by the end of the week. Good news is the new owner had the foresight to actually come out and view the car (the only one that turned up) and bought it on the spot.

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    1. I know this will be the hardest car for me to part with, not withstanding my son Hamish growing up with it, but also I had a period of major depression where I was not able to work. I decided I needed a ‘project’ to dig me out of the depression and this is where the EFI portion of the Mini was born… I learnt a lot and got back into the workforce thanks to it.

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