Protel AutoTRAX to KiCAD Convertor

I’m writing some PHP code that will convert some of my existing Protel AutoTRAX PCB files from the 90’s DOS program, into the latest KicCAD PCB file format. I’m really doing this as an exercise in learning new programming languages e.g. PHP, HTML 5. If I’m successful, I thought it would be nice that other users could use it, so I will be hosting it on this blog page. The processing will take place on my host server, and all users files will NOT be kept for obvious privacy reasons.

This page will hopefully allow a user to upload a Protel AutoTRAX PCB file (version 4 ASCII format) and optionally its associated Net List file. It will convert it into the Kicad ASCII file format, ready for downloading and use in KiCAD. This will be a free utility.


This is a work in progress so stay tuned, so remember, I’m learning PHP and HTML5, so progress will be slow. Please leave a comment if you think you might be interested in this utility and have any requests on any features or options you would like.

I’m also looking for some small and large AutoTRAX PCB’s to test, so if you can help, please contact me to arrange the transfer of the files.