Shadow Dash & Shadow Logger for Android

Recently I:

  • Still haven’t found time for the ‘dead time’ calculations/measurements. Maybe soon!
  • I downloaded and installed Shadow Dash MS and Shadow Logger MS for Android; what a fantastic piece of software, I’ll let you look at the authors web site for details, but basically it provides the same gauges functionality as TunerStudio, but runs on your Android Smartphone It also allows you to log data for later analysis on your main computer using another product; MegaLogViewer. My son was most impressed as it uses the mobiles GPS and accelerometer to record location as well as G-forces. He keeped on asking me to go faster around corners so as to get higher readings (I got 0.7G) on a drive to South Werribee.I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 which I connected to my MegaSquirt via Bluetooth to a RS-232 to Bluetooth adapter. The BT adaptor makes it easy to tune the car from a laptop from outside of the car without tripping over wires.
  • I received some parts from the good old USA to get me started on making a returnless fuel pump controller; hopefully I won’t take for ever to get the project started.

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