Seats in!

Haven’t finished for to day but will publish what I have done today.


  • Fitted MS to bottom of dash rail using nut inserts. I actually put the nut inserts on the MS’s flange. This makes it easy to install and remove from under the drivers side dashboard tray.
  • I purchased and installed a new earth strap as the current one looked like a dog had been chewing it. It’s important to have good earths, more so with ECU’s  as any voltage drop can lower the voltage to the point where the ECU doesn’t work for example when cranking.
  • I cleaned the windscreen squirter’s and replaced all of the tubing back to the new washer bag I have installed previously.
  • I found that the previous MAP tubing was hardened at the manifold end, so I purchased some new 2.8 mm rubber tube and replaced it and routed it through the firewall using a grommet.
  • The Cobra recliner seats were refitted, with new bolts.

Some pictures for you.

MS fitted with nut insert note I coloured them with black indelible texta
MS fitted with nut insert note I coloured them with black indelible texta
Original braided earth strap
Original braided earth strap
New earth strap.
New earth strap.

To Do

  • Continue to wire new EFI harnesses to relay/fuse blocks and to sensors.
  • Test and set-up PWM for radiator fan control
  • Relocate new power brake booster backwards by ~ 2″ to allow for a cold air/filter box to feed the MAF sensor that will be fitted at a later date. Doesn’t sound much 2″ but we are talking about a mini’s engine bay, there is not much room!
  • Bleed all brakes as all 4 corners have been drained.
  • Fit the new heater. (Not doing until I have car on the road and tuned in… it is summer after all!)
  • Fit the new rear boot brackets (front ones done) and remake a boot board to fit on top of these brackets and also to wrap around the front of the tank.
  • Check timing and adjust the index position using TunerStudio to give the base timing value.
  • Adjust VE table to get it running OK
  • Take it for a drive to dial in VE table using TunerStudio’s VEAL.
  • Check that it runs!
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.

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