Running of Fuel Lines

Day 9

Today I:

Firstly I found the choke clip that I thought I’d lost, sitting smugly on the diff housing. I also found the mechanical fuel pump blanking plate sitting upstairs on my electronics workbench.

Rolled out the 5/16″ bundy tubing and spent some time rolling around under the car measuring, re-measuring then bending and then more bending. Thanks Mick for the loan of the tube bender gizmo! I managed to get it to roughly follow the existing fuel lines with the exception of not going between the subframe and the rear bulkhead. Same for the front. I secured the main run with bundy tubing clips.

Here is a view from the rear of the bundy tube run. Excuse the oily look, it’s from my previous engine… guess the floor wont rust.

I removed the Ryco Z578 EFI filter and fitted a Ryco Z200 EFI filter, as Andrew (afh001) pointed out that the Z578 uses a quick connect system, and I needed 5/16″ barbs.

Here is a picture showing the Z200 mounted in the Rover filter bracket. Excuse the blur, I had the shakes… low sugar levels I think.

Mounted the fuel regulator with a bolt through the bulkhead. Remounted the HIF44 and the modified air cleaner/throttle bracket with new gaskets. Fitted the needle and bell housing. Connected the SU to the fuel regulator.

Here is the fuel mounted regulator. Once again blurry… sorry.

You might be wondering why I have re-connected the SU, and not the EFI SU adaptor; I want to start the car and make sure I can set the fuel pressure down to ~3PSI so if any problem happens with the EFI fuelling side, I can simply just plonk the bell housing along with the needle adjust down the pressure, and away I go. Also I have updated the firmware in the MegaSquirt so I want to make sure it will start without introducing any further unknowns into the equation.

Tomorrows list of things to do:

  • Put at least 5L fuel in tank!;
  • Wire the fuel pump wire to the relay panel;
  • Refit the MegaSquirt;
  • Turn on ignition and check for:
  • Fuel pump working;
  • Fuel leaks;
  • Adjust for 3PSI.
  • Start the car;
  • Adjust base timing of MegaSquirt… I’ve been naughty, should have done this when I first got the MS going.
  • Run the two injector wires in a separate loom, located away from the other sensors, and especially the VR ignition wires;
  • Remove the SU’s bell and needle;
  • Fit the SU adaptor;
  • Wire the injector;
  • Re-adjust fuel PSI up to 12PSI;
  • Start the car… hopefully!

I’m really pushing the time envelope, as I’m hoping to drive this to the car show at Hanging Rock this coming Sunday. Worst case scenario is if I cant get it running on the EFI, I’ll revert back to fueling it from the SU… that’s the plan anyway.


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