Rover EFI Fuel Filter

Day 8

Today I:

  • Decided to use a Ryco Z578 EFI filter in the Rover filter bracket. The reason for this is I couldn’t locate anyone within the local area that could sell me the correct sized inverted flare tube nuts. The Z578 comes with 5/16″ tails and it fits in the Rover clamp also, done deal!Here it is before fitting to sub frame and here it is mounted on sub frame. Had to drill an extra hole (6.5mm diam) towards the rear.
  • Started to mount the fuel regulator in engine bay bulkhead;
  • Removed the SU, and in doing so I lost the choke cable spring clip… the next hour crawling under the car and over the garage, still haven’t found it;
  • Modified the air cleaner/throttle bracket so that the fuel hose can exit through it. Will upload a picture to show what I’m on about;
  • Removed the mechanical fuel pump, spacer and studs. Can’t find the blanking plate I bought… will have to have a better look, plus will have to get a couple of 5/16″ UNC bolts for it.


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