Removing Harmonic Balancer Bolt! WTF!

Day 2

  • Fixed Radiator shroud, and pop-riveted it back together;
  • Removed starter motor to gain access to the ring gear on the flywheel so I could ‘lock’ the engine so I could remove the harmonic balancer engine bolt. I locked it by jamming a cold chisel between the ring gear and housing;
  • Removed left hand engine mount to gain access to the front pulley and the engine bolt. Boy was the bolt on tight, ended bending my you-beaut ‘chrome vanadium’ bar. Notice in the picture, that the bolt has a lot of Loctite on it, maybe that’s why it was so tight;
  • Fitted the Motorcraft (Ford) EDIS coil and bracket to the wok;
  • Not fitted today and only needed for the ‘fuel’ side of this installation, is a Throttle Position Sensor (TPS);
  • The special brass coupling…
  • Fitted a distributor-blanking plug a friend lathed up for me, after removing distributor drive gear thingy. Plug is visible in this photo;

Hopefully I’ll fit the trigger wheel and bracket amongst other things…

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