Parts for MSII to MSIII Upgrade & SPI/MPI Fuel Pump

Hi all, an update:

  • I have purchased the parts and case to update my MegaSquirt II to a MegaSquirt III;
  • I have ordered a kit of parts from MiniSpares to upgrade my SPI fuel pump to a MPI (3 Bar) pump.

The reason for the fuel pump upgrade is I’m considering purchasing this (pictures removed due to copyright) from Specialist Components as soon as I can afford it!

I still can do either speed density (SD) or MAF. The injectors run at 3 Bar (44.1PSI) hence the upgrade to a MPI fuel pump. My current fuel regulator can cope with this pressure with a change of spring. As previously mentioned, I’m keen to run a returnless fuel system, but this is lower on my list of things to do.

As a side note, does anyone have any experience with MIG welders from Bunnings? I work there, but I don’t mind if you rubbish them, I just want to purchase one for some rust repairs. I haven’t MIG welded before, but I’m keen to learn.

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