Fitting of Electric Radiator Fan

Day 5

  • Fitted the fan and shroud to underside of wheel arch, tested the fan and also made sure wheel wouldn’t rub on full lock;
  • Refitted the radiator and discovered it’s shroud was rubbing on the timing cover vent thingy-me-bob. So did some creative panel beating. Could this have been a source of rubbing and noise… time will tell. What a pain in the fanny it is putting the bolts back in. Luckily my son Hamish helped me;

On the way back this morning I called into a auto electrician to see if he could crimp the spark plug leads. He didn’t have a crimper, but he gave me an idea for a work around which I’ll try out, if it works I’ll post the details;

Here you can see radiator is back in, as well as I have placed the fuel regulator and the MegaSquirt relay board in their approximate positions.

Tonight I will finish wiring the final two missing connectors for the CTS and IAT that I picked up from EFI Hardware in Mitcham this morning.


Finish wiring all sensors, (this will mean all sensors required for ignition as well as fuel injection will be done), locate and fix MegaSquirt ECU, Relay board and the TechEdge wideband. Fit spark plug leads, start car (hopefully) and adjust base timing.