Over-Run Fuel Cut

Just a small update:

  • I have done more VEAL tuning whilst driving car to work for the last week or so. Car is very smooth. There is certain areas within the VE table where it’s very difficult to tune, but these areas aren’t normally touched with normal driving.
  • I decided to revert to standard unleaded and was getting some pinging around the 2000 RPM mark, so I backed off the advance over most of the ignition MAP. To get the best settings, I’ll have to get on the Dyno, but I’ll wait till I’ve tried the MAF route first.
  • Today I turned on the TunerStudio ‘Over-Run Fuel Cut’ feature. Works a treat, but doco I’ve read says you should have your VE table dialled in well (I think I have). The engine did stall a couple of times though so I upped the ‘lowest RPM to re-engage fuel’ from 1100 to 1250 RPM and it’s now cured! Would be interesting to see how my fuel economy improves especially around town driving start stop where this fuel cut works more. Also I get better engine braking.


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