One sleep to lift off?

Today I remembered that I had not connected the fuel pipes to the fuel regulator that’s fitted to the bulkhead. I had to put the front up on stands so that I could gain access to the fuel inlet pipe (5/16″) and its clamp. Whilst there I discovered another oil leak source coming from the rod change going into the gearbox. I must have been aware of this previously as I found a repair kit in my box of spares. Guess I’m becoming forgetful!

Another item that I fixed whilst I had it up on stands, was to replace a set screw that had fallen out that held the exhaust pipe to the gearbox. I used a spring washer as well as Loctite to keep it there.


  • Fitted both return (1/4″) and inlet lines (5/16″) to fuel regulator using EFI rated fuel hose.
  • Fitted a bolt to exhaust bracket that had gone missing in action. Used Loctite to hopefully stop it going AWOL.
  • Routed and extended electric radiator fan wires.
  • Started looming the wires from the front of the engine into a loom tube.
  • Ran a new heavy gauge wire to the rear of car for the electric fuel pump in the tank that’s in the boot. I connected a 6A 700V Fast Recovery Diode across the connector terminals as a ‘snubber’. This will protect the SSR from back EMF and henceĀ minimise noise on the +12v rail. The cathode (striped end) is connected to more positive rail, in this case the +12V feed from the SSR.
  • Fitted the fully charged battery to the boot.
  • Put some petrol in tank.
  • Temporarily energised the fuel pump so that I could check that I had no leaks, which I happy to say I don’t.

Sorry no pictures today.

To Do

  • Continue to wire new EFI harnesses to relay/fuse blocks and to sensors.
  • Test and set-up PWM for radiator fan control
  • Check timing and adjust the index position using TunerStudio to give the base timing value.
  • Adjust VE table to get it running OK
  • Take it for a drive to dial in VE table using TunerStudio’s VEAL.
  • Use and enjoy it!

Nice to do, but not required!

  • Fit the new heater. (Not doing until I have car on the road and tuned in… it is summer after all!)
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.

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