On the road again!

Just a quick update on the Mini’s progress. The car is now up and running quite well with some exceptions.

It loses fuel going around right hand corners, especially when hammering it! This is because on the refitted original tank, someone previously has damaged the sealing face that the cap tries to seal against. I used to have a ‘Monza’ style cap that  seals against it’s own neck. Problem is I managed to break this when I tried to remove it from the fuel injection tank used previously. Solution is I’ve ordered a new one, should have it in two days or so.

The brakes seem to need a constant double pump to make them ‘work’, hopefully it’s just the back brakes and front ones bedding in. I’ll re-check the adjustment of the back ones tomorrow.

There is a great big flat spot when accelerating of idle. I’t seems fine if I floor it, but hesitates and has a lot of induction noise, but not much go if I tread lightly on the gas. I’ll check the mixture as I still have the wideband O2 sensor installed, and maybe thicken up the oil in the SU damper, to give a richer mixture when accelerating. I currently have ATF in there, prior to that I had 3-in-1 oil which I believe is 20 SAE, the same as original specced ‘SU oil’. I’ll also re-visit the ignition advance curve, not that I can do much for it at the moment.

Looked at the Smiths instrument voltage regulator as I previously mentioned was not working, and found that it had a blown transistor in it. This is a later style regulator, not like the mechanical ones of past. It has a very simple circuit of a resistor and zener diode feeding the base of a FZT600 NPN Darlington transistor. The emitter feeds the fuel and temperature gauges. I ordered 5 new FZT600 Darlington transistors, 4 for the spares box. Long story short, is it worked for a while, but when I went for a drive I noticed it had stopped working yet again. Maybe I have an intermittent short, time will tell?


  • Replaced FTZ600 NPN transistor in instrument voltage regulator, worked for a while!
  • Put sound deadening (Dynamat Extreme) on inside of firewall after using a hot air gun and stripper tool to remove previous owners ‘liquid nails’ and rubber foam crap. Has quietened down engine noise noticeably.
  • Wired up the Smiths tacho, works a treat.
  • Took it for a drive, and let a friend drive it for the first time.

To Do

Nice to do, but not required!

  • Fit the new heater. (Not doing until I have car on the road and tuned in… it is summer after all!)
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.

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