No more EFI

I have done the unthinkable to some; I have removed all of the EFI related hardware. My EFI project is now dead. I’ll leave all previous post here for future readers to read, hopefully there is some value here for others.

You might be wondering why I’ve abandon the EFI installation on my Mini at this late stage. Firstly the reason is mainly a time related thing, I have found I’m spending more time on the car to find solutions to problems with the EFI setup, rather than driving it. My son Hamish who is in his last year of ‘L’ plates, is itching to get into it to build up his hours, plus to spend more time with me in enjoying this car.

Secondly, going to a TBI with a single injector, has issues as well. ‘A’ series engines, as well as ‘B’ series engines have siamesed inlet ports, this leads to an effect called “port robbing” where the inner cylinders steal the outer cylinders intake mixture, causing the outer cylinders to run lean. A very detailed explanation of the siamese port injection problem can be found here.

You might be wondering, like me, what I’ll be doing whilst not fiddling with the EFI. Well one thing I have always noticed from the onset of installing the MegaSquirt, was the increase in torque at low to mid RPM’s. This was because of the programmable nature of the ignition system replacing the distributors mechanical and vacuum advance. I have been looking at some of the commercial offerings, and at this stage have not found one I like. Maybe I’ll make my own, as some of you might know, I have backgrounds both in electronics as well as programming.


  • Removed all EFI related wiring and hardware except for the knock VR ignition and Temperature sensors… they might be needed for a new project 😉
  • Removed the MegaSquirt ECU
  • Removed the Injector from the carburettor
  • Removed the HIF44 carburettor so I can drill a new vacuum port on the carby side of the butterfly to suit the Lucas Electronic distributors vacuum advance. The advance curve of this distributor is really not suitable for this engines tune… but it will do until something better comes up.
  • Fitted the coil and bracket
  • Fitted the Lucas distributor  and drive gear. Checked that it was aligned correctly.
  • Purchased a Davies Craig Thermatic Fan Switch, since the MegaSquirt used to control my electric radiator fan, I need to control it somehow!

To Do

  • Install mechanical fuel pump
  • Install non-injection fuel tank
  • Remove EFI filter from rear sub-frame
  • Fit Davies Craig Thermatic Fan Switch
  • Enjoy car!

Nice to do, but not required!

  • Fit the new heater. (Not doing until I have car on the road and tuned in… it is summer after all!)
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.

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