New Alternator & Battery

Day 1

A lot of the hard work has already been done for this section as the MegaSquirt was installed along with most of the wiring and sensors required for the EFI in the wasted spark phase.

The MegaSquirt has been running well since installation. One problem I did have was related to having a alternator that was not regulating properly and a battery that was past it’s use by date. You must have a good electrical system, more so with ECU’s in charge of the spark and fuel.

Please feel free to add comments, questions or even tips for both phases!

Things to do to complete installation, in no particular order:

  • Remove existing 25L tank;
  • Run wire from FP connection on MS Relay Board to boot and crimp plug to suit the electric fuel pump in the new 37L tank;
  • Mount the fuel pressure regulator on the engine bulkhead;
  • Run 5/16″ Bundy tubing (fuel return line) from bulkhead to new fuel filter on rear sub frame;
  • Connect fuel line and return to new tank inlet and outlets;
  • Secure tank;
  • Mount SU TBI adaptor in HIF44;
  • Connect Injector electrical plugs;
  • Connect rubber EFI hoses to fuel pressure regulator;
  • Have fire extinguisher at hand;
  • Test fuel lines for leaks;
  • Fix any leaks;
  • Adjust pressure to 12PSI;
  • Try and start it!

Have no money for the Bundy tubing, so not looking good this week for a start up. 🙁 Nether less I had some time to polish the spare SU cover that will eventually go over the top of the TBI SU adaptor. I still have to mill, (since I don’t have a mill, I’ll have to file), a slot so the fuel barb and injector wires can come out… maybe a job for tomorrow.

Here it is partially done…

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