Mini Spare Parts Clearance

I have sold a lot of the parts, in fact whilst I was listing them online, buyers were snapping them up as quick as I listed, but there are still more bargains to be had such as these item that I have reduced the price on:

MiniSpares 1.5 Ratio Forged Rockers SOLD
Lockheed Cooper ‘S’ MKI Brake Booster SOLD
Mini/Moke Brass Radiator Overflow Tank SOLD

See my Gumtree ads for the details.

I even have some New Renault Clio parts for sale at way below retail prices such as:

Valeo Clutch Kit – Clio MKII SOLD
Draper Clutch Alignment Tool SOLD
FAI Water Pump Kit – Clio MKII (Price reduced to $55)

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