MAF Transfer Curve & PID Controller

I’ve modified the MegaSquirt for the two extra A/D inputs (MAF and Fuel), worked out the MAF transfer curve from the Bosch specs with an Excel spreadsheet that I’ve created.

There has been some development on the MegaSquirt forum concerning the MAF code and how when it samples the MAF during the engine cycle. One MAF user has coded some mod’s that has improved the sampling as well as for allowing for reversion (reverse flow) that is quite common on engines with large cams etc. by using the reverse flow capability of the Bosch HFM5 MAF sensor that I have. I’m considering upgrading my MS2 hardware to MS3 to take advantage of this, as well as the MS3 code I believe can now also act as a PID controller for a ‘returnless fuel system’, or any other system that needs a PID controller, so I can get rid of the return line and have very accurate fuel pressure control, controllable via the TunerStudio software.

 I’m taking a short break from work from Monday week, and I hope to have measured the ‘dead time’ of the injector and possibly fired up the  car on the MAF if I can make a inlet adapter to suit the HIF44… I’m not very good with fabricating things!

 Sorry for the delays, but I’m going forward…. very slowly!

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