Lets do the Bump on the rear!

Today I removed the rear, very dented by the previous owner (honestly), chrome bumper and fitted the new stainless steel bumper complete with over-riders and nerf (corner) bars.

I also adjusted the rear brakes, before bleeding all 4 brakes, starting from the L/H rear then R/H rear and on the front the L/H then finishing with the R/H. I used the Gunson Eezibleed kit and used my spare tire to provide the pressure to bleed (max 20 PSI). Of course the spare tire was flat, the 12V electric pump had a broken wire, and my digital tyre gauge has mysteriously disappeared. Go figure! Anyway, fixed the pump and I must say if you have to bleed the brakes/clutch then this system works well. Only down side is the supplied caps don’t fit my clutch master cylinder. I’m not overly concerned, as down the track I’ll replace it and the slave cylinder.


  • Fitted rear bumper bar. Assembly like the front, was a breeze and the bumpers appear to fit better than old ones.
  • Adjusted rear brakes
  • Bled brakes using the Gunson Eezibleed kit.

Some pictures for you.

Original bumper
Original bumper
Rear SS bumper with nerf bars
Rear SS bumper with nerf bars

To Do

  • Continue to wire new EFI harnesses to relay/fuse blocks and to sensors.
  • Test and set-up PWM for radiator fan control
  • Check timing and adjust the index position using TunerStudio to give the base timing value.
  • Adjust VE table to get it running OK
  • Take it for a drive to dial in VE table using TunerStudio’s VEAL.
  • Use and enjoy it!

Nice to do, but not required!

  • Fit the new heater. (Not doing until I have car on the road and tuned in… it is summer after all!)
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.

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