FPR Brass Tails

Day 3

Got some Right Angle 3/8″ x 5/16″ tail brass “thingies” to replace the straight ones as supplied with the Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator. Unfortunately one of the three I bought, has a malformed thread and would not be able to seal properly, so it will go back for exchange at Bursons when I pass next.

You may be wondering about why I’m using the right angle “thingies” instead of straight ones? Well I’m a neat freak (well most of the time) and I wanted to make all the rubber hoses come in from the same direction and encroach the least amount in the bulkhead area. Also note I will be using some Loctite PTFE sealant on all of the threads so I wont get leaks.

The 0-30PSI adjustable regulator will be mounted on the bulkhead near the LHS engine steady mount just above the line where the original fuel pipe emerge from.

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