Fitting of Rover 7.5 Gallon EFI Tank

Day 5

Sorry for the lack of updates all you avid reader(s). Between my finances or lack thereof and school holidays… not much action. Thanks to the few that have sent PM’s etc wondering where I was at.

Decided to tackle removing the standard tank. I wasn’t looking forward to this as I read on at least one of the threads here, that some one had tried for three weeks to remove his tank, also I hate crawling under cars!

After jacking the car and putting it on axle stands, then I removed the battery, safety first. I then drained the tank (only around 3 litres) I clamped the rubber hose under the boot with a pair of vice grips, undid the hose clamp and placed the end into a 10L fuel canister. Done, easy-peasy, only got a few dribbles on me and the ground.

Undid the fuel tank drain plug from underneath the car using a 7/16″ long socket I had. Unscrewed the long bolt joining the two halves of the tank strap and also removed the short strap. Used a screwdriver to lever the lip of the rubber gasket and used my finger to pull it off. Removed both the overflow pipe that was connected at the top of the tank, and also removed the rubber pipe connecting to the tank outlet. Grasped the tank wriggled it and out it came. I noticed that it was put back into the car, most probably when it was re-painted, without the foam collar that goes around the filler neck on the inside of the car. This is why I could smell fuel sometimes.

The Rover tank uses a mounting strap that goes diagonally around rather than around the circumference as per the original. I’m going to use the Rover strap as I believe it locates the tank far better, and more importantly much safely… most probably why Rover changed it. Another member, Harley has a thread outlining what he did here. I’m waiting for the photos so I can make an adapter mount for the Rover strap.

I also need to get a new rubber boot seal, as some water has been getting in to the boot. I’ll wire brush the surface rust and paint it with something, not sure what yet.


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