Fitting of Fuel Systems

Day 7

Not a lot done just did the following:

  • fitted the new L/H tail-light assembly;
  • fitted the fuel tank;
  • fitted and connected the fuel pump wiring and connector and threaded the wire inside the car… this will connect to the FP relay on the MS relay panel;
  • Fitted new blanking grommets to the two holes in boot, one under the tank the other in tyre well;

I have decided against locating the fuel regulator in the boot and mounting it in the engine bay near the L/H engine mount. This will require me to run some 5/16″ bundy tube and clamp it with a few bundy clips along the run.

I’ll use the existing 1/4″ fuel line as the return line.

My budget, which went out of the windows ages ago, is very low, so I might have to wait to early next week for more monies to fill the coffers.

Still to be done are:

  • mount the fuel regulator in the engine bay;
  • wire fuel pump to MS Relay Panel;
  • remove mechanical fuel pump and put blanking plate on;
  • run 5/16″ bundy tubing and secure using bundy clips;
  • run rubber EFI hoses as appropriate;
  • put fuel in tank;
  • pressure test system.


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