Fitting Megasquirt Under Dash

Day 6

Not a lot of progress. Fitted the MS under the dash. What a pain in the bleep that was. Very little room to see what your doing and to get a drill in there etc.;
Could only use 3 of the 4 mounting holes. I used PCB standoffs and made a tool that can be pressed over them to do a quick release which is basically a metal rod with a 3mm hole. Time will tell if the standoff’s are robust enough. I wanted the RS-232 port to be easily accessible for my RS-232 to Bluetooth converter used for communication with the MS IE on the fly tuning, firmware updates and the tuner studio software.

Here is the MS fitted under the drivers side dash.

Fitted the MS Relay board over the Heater blanking plate on the drivers side bulkhead, using 25mm high 3mm tapped standoffs. Drilled a hole in blanking plate for the MS to Relay interface cable. Tip: the surface on the bulkhead is not flat, so only use 3 standoffs, and re-drill the single hole in the between the 2 original holes.


Today I think I’ll have a Mental Health break. Tomorrow I should have enough time (famous last words) to complete the wiring and start her up.



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