The first Start on Full EFI!

Day 10

Today I:

  • Put fuel in tank!;
  • Wired the fuel pump wire to the relay panel;
  • Refitted the MegaSquirt;
  • Turned on ignition and checked for:
  • Fuel pump working… Yes;
  • Clamped fuel inlet to carb, so that pressure does not overwhelm it
  • Fuel leaks… None, pressure stays up for a long time!;
  • Adjust for 3PSI… Wouldn’t go to 3PSI, 5PSI seems to be the minimum;
  • Take off clamp, checked that the SU didn’t flood with the 5PSI pressure, it didn’t.
  • Start the car, it started;
  • Ran the two injector wires in a separate loom, located away from the other sensors, and especially the VR ignition wires;
  • Removed the SU’s bell and needle;
  • Fitted the SU adaptor;
  • Wired the injector;
  • Re-adjust fuel PSI up to 10PSI (injector is rated 56lb/hr. @ 10.15 PSI (70Kpa);
  • Started the car… click whirr, whirr… VROOM, VROOM

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ IT RUNS! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Car starts, idles, and accelerates with some hesitation and farting around.

Took it for a 5Km drive whilst monitoring, have to look further into:

  1. AFR at idle frequently hits 25:1… not good, I think it’s the TechEdge WBO2, will check further, maybe it needs another free air calibration again;
  2. Coming to a stop the car nearly dies, have to give it a real lot of throttle to clear it. Might be associated with #1;
  3. Acceleration enrichment is not right, needs more. Engine feels a bit like when you have no oil in the SU damper, I.e. gives a stumble when the accelerator is floored then finally takes off right to the red line.

If I can get the idle AFR and acceleration enrichment fixed, I think I will be able to take it to the Hanging Rock show.


Did some tuning of the VE table around the idle point, and also some ignition stuff. Car now is idling much better. Took it for a drive to the petrol station and around Werribee. I turned on the TunerStudio Auto Tune function which alters the VE (volumetric efficiency) for a given RPM and MAP point. It tries to alter the VE value so the AFR matches the target AFR for the same RPM and MAP point. Guess what, it works!

At the moment there is a slight hesitation just of idle, but it’s early days yet. One thing I have noticed is there seems to be very strong torque down low, for example pulling away from 30Kmh in third gear is very smooth.

Will take the car to pick up number one son from his Mum’s tomorrow, this will give the Auto Tune function a wider variety of loads/RPM’s.

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