Fan control

In previous posts, I’ve talked about implementing PWM control of my cooling fan. I’ve decided not to go ahead with this. One of the reasons I was going to PWM the fan was to quieten it down… I think that this would only be minimal, and maybe It might be better if I looked at more efficiently designed fans and also moving the blades away from the ‘radiator cut-outs’ in the inner wheel arch. Apparently the moving blades create an air disturbance when going past the cut-out struts.

The final reason is that TunerStudio offers excellent Fan control. Have a look at the Fan Control Dialog:


It allows you to increase the RPM when fan goes on to counteract the increased electrical load; set temperature set points (hysteresis); keep the fan on when engine stopped; as well as throttle and vehicle speed set points with hysteresis.

For me the benefits of outweigh the negatives. But never fear, unless things go pear shaped I still hope to implement the returnless fuel utilising PWM control.

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