Engine Knock Module Installation

Got to install the Realtime Clock and Engine Knock modules today. Please use the fitting instructions in the MSX3 v3.0 Hardware Manual. This is just  a pictorial of my installation.

I added the two three pin headers and the two single pins
I soldered the two three pin headers and the two single pins, plus a single wire to the PM2 pad. I used an pencil eraser to hold the pins whilst I soldered them.
Solder the wire from the PM pad to the
Solder the wire from the PM2 pad to the PM2 pin header on the reverse of the MS3 card (4th from bottom left)

The next step is to solder the board to the MS3… I’ve yet to do this.

The final step is to solder a wire or wires if using two knock sensors to the K1 and/or K2 pads to a spare input pin on the MS2 DB37F connector…  I’ve yet to do this.

I’m still finishing this install… I’ll update ASAP. When I have the car going and tuned in I’ll publish my findings on the knock control. I’m not to sure whether it will be useful on my engine due to reports that the A series engines are very mechanically noisy. Time will tell!

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