EFI Rebirth – Or Never Say Never Again!

Why again?

As the title says, never say never again … I have changed my mind once again. The main thing I noticed in previous EFI installations, was that the increased torque down low, a result of better mapping of the ignition. Also a smoother idle when hot and also cold.

I need a project, and I was thinking of making my own programable ignition, but being basically lazy, well you get it don’t you?

I intend to document my steps along the way, and hopefully someone might get inspired by my ramblings. I’ll call this phase, Phase III.

Walbro 5CA401 Fuel Pump

One of the disappointments from the last attempt, was the Walbro 5CA401 fuel pump SPI replacement that I fitted. It is louder and has more of a rasping tone than the original Rover SPI fuel pump, P/No 6443434 which is more of a whir. The Rover one I think is using a different type of pumping mechanism.

If you look at the picture, you will see that the Walbro is half the size of the Rover pump. It stands to reason (maybe?) that the Walbro has to work harder, hence more noise. Does anyone else with this pump, notice the louder noise?

I’ll keep the Walbro in situ, and see if I can live with the noise, maybe I can put some Dynamat sound deadening on the outside of the petrol tank to dampen the noise.

The Walbro 5CA401 is rated at a minimum of 109 litres/hour or 29 US Gallons/hour @ 12PSI

Walbro 5CA401 on left Rover 6443434 on right
Walbro 5CA401 on left Rover 6443434 on right
Walbro 5CA401 Fuel Pump in pickup
Walbro 5CA401 Fuel Pump in pickup

RIP Eddie

Now for a sad note. My faithful companion of 11 years, Eddie the dog was put down in January 2016 as his heart finally failed him.

Eddie was a constant companion out in the workshop and around home, and I will miss him greatly.




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