Day 1 of EFI Conversion

Day 1

Sorry no photos were taken on this day.

  • Removed distributor, leads and all related wiring;
  • Removed non-resistor spark plugs (Need resistor plugs for ECU installations);
  • Removed radiator (sounds easy, but wasn’t );
  • Removed radiator Fan… tossed it, won’t be needing it again!;
  • Degreased and cleaned radiator with my Kärcher as it fins were very blocked, couldn’t find the right size pop-rivets in my supplies to re-fit the side bracket that has come away;
  • Degreased engine bay area;
  • Drilled some holes in my stock air cleaner housing to allow for better breathing (that’s the theory anyway);
  • Fitted coupling on air cleaner for the IAC (Idle Air Control)

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