Update on Protel to Kicad Conversion Application

After much delays I’m happy to say that I’ve just purchased a licence for the XOJO application software that I’m going to use for the DOS Protel to Kicad web application.

This app (yet to be named) will be hosted on this Web site, and it will allow users to upload thier legacy DOS Protel PCB file(s) and it will hopefully convert them to the Kicad format and allow them to be downloaded.

I will be testing this app on the latest Safari, Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. OS tested will be macOS Sierra (my development machine), MS Windows 7 & 10, plus on Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I’m new to the XOJO development language so it may take me a short while to get up and running, but bare with me, plus I still work part time so this is an after hours task. 🤓

As a few readers of this blog may know, I work part time so if you want to help out by donating via PayPal to help keep this blog going and the cost of the development software etc I will be putting a donation button on the relevant page.