Welcome to Jim’s Blog

This blog was initially created for me to document the conversion of a 1968 Australian Morris Mini Deluxe fitted with a A+ 1310cc engine to EFI, utilising a Megasquirt ECU and a Patton Machine HIF44 SU carburettor adaptor which provided the TBI.

I was not working at the onset of this project, due to suffering from major depression, (something I have suffered all my life), so I decided I needed a project with set milestones to get me out of the black rut I was in. Hence this project was born. It was successful in getting me motivated and back into gainful employment, even though In reflection, I wouldn’t recommend a project of this magnitude due to cost and time considerations, failure would have been even more depressing! Nevertheless I got there, and the various completed milestones on the way encouraged me to push myself further onto completion.

The EFI project and various upgrades were originally documented on the Ausmini forum and the now defunct Minidriver forum, help was also garnered from the Megasquirt Support Forum (MSEXTRA), on all of these I’m known as ‘jb007′. I then moved the information from these forums to this blog trying to manage and present it in a chronological order. I had a lot of help and encouragement from the various members of these forums. Thanks guys.

Well after some 15 years of ownership for both financial and a change of direction in my personal life, I sold the car minus all the EFI. It was a sad day seeing the car go, especially for my son who basically grew up with the car.

Moving on to now and the future, I’ve found renewed interest in electronics, and software engineering as a part-time interest, I even have a web application PCBConverter Wizard I’m authoring using the XOJO programming language, that will hopefully be available for testing soon on this blog.

Use the ‘Search’, ‘Menus’, ‘Categories’ or ‘Recent Posts’ to locate or browse for a topic of interest. I hope there is something of interest to you here and please feel free to leave a comment, after all this blog is here to share ideas and information, just not my ramblings!