Hello Clio!

What to Get?

After much deliberation, looking in to my depleted bank account, comparing small cars online, reading road reviews etc. I’ve gone and bought another Renault Clio. I always liked my previous Clio, and it really was quite reliable over the 10+ years I had it (until I broke it!). I also like the styling of the Clio’s so that clinched it for me.

What I got!

It’s a 2016 build, 1st January 2017 Australian complianced Renault Clio MkIV Expression TCe 120 1.2L 6 speed semi-automatic in Glacier White paint. It has satelite navigation, 7″ touch screen media centre, cruise control with speed limiter, reversing camera, rear parking sensors… the list goes on.
I also paid extra for the darkest legal ‘Titanium’ window tint to help keep it cool and keep out the high UV light we have here in Australia.
It is fitted with the optional ‘Electric Pack’, which gives it:

  • Automatic dusk sensing headlights
  • Automatic windscreen wipers with rain sensor
  • Electric front and rear windows with driver anti-pinch function and one touch control
  • Electric folding door mirrors
  • Hands free entry and engine start

All of this for A$19,990 on the road, drive away price! A lot of technology for a reasonable price. Includes 5 year unlimited kilometres warranty, with 24/7 roadside assist. Fixed price servicing for the first 3 years (45,000km) at A$299.

First Impressions

I’ve had it for just over a week, and for a little engine, (H5Ft 1.2L), it pulls like a train from very low down, due to the fact that it utilises a low boost intercooled turbo, that gives it 190Nm of torque from 2000 – 4000RPM, 90% of the torque is in by 1500RPM! Max power is 88Kw@4900RPM (120BHP). But as all smart petrol heads would know, torque is your friend in everyday driving. This car does not have to be revved hard to get going. The engine features direct fuel injection, and has been designed jointly between Renault and Nissan. The semi-automatic dual clutch transmission is a delight to use, very smooth and if I want to play with the gears it can be slipped into manual mode. At highway speed (100kmh) the engine is just ticking over at ~2440RPM about 600RPM less than my old manual Clio. Most of my mileage has been to the shops and work with a couple of highway trips, and so far I’m averaging 6.7l/100km (42 Imperial MPG) fuel consumption. This is nearly identical to my old Clio.
I also like the keyless entry, I keep the key tag in my wallet, so all I do is just walk up to the car, enter and foot on brake and press the Start/Stop button; no fumbling with keys. It look it self when you walk away with the key tag, otherwise it will stay unlocked until the key tag is out of the car. The key tag has controls for turning on the interior light unlocking doors etc which I’ve yet to try out, as the keyless entry just plainly works for me. I’m still occasionally forgetting that it’s keyless and pull out my house keys!
Discovered after buying the car, that the engine features a timing chain that Renault claim does not require replacement for the life of the car, whatever that is. Good thing is it should lower the cost of servicing as no timing belt changes required.

The not so good

I found insurance a little expensive compared to other similiar cars. My quotes ranged from A$505 – A$963, I went for a middling quote based on me┬ádoing less than 10,000km/year.
It requires 95 or 98 RON unleaded fuel. I’m putting in 98, hopefully it will achieve better fuel mileage that will offset the increased cost of 98 over 92 standard unleaded fuel.
It has 4 airbags fitted in the front, none in the back. I’m not overly worried about this as I can count on my left hand the number of time I had someone in the back of my last Clio, but nevertheless other small cars have them. I understand the facelift model due this year will have them though.
The tyres are Continental Eco Contact 5 195/60 16″, and some reviewers say that they are not so good in the wet… so I’ll have to watch out for this.


Here’s some pictures taken from the day I brought it home on the 28th Feb 2017.

Renault Clio MkIV
Renault Clio MkIV
Renault Clio MkIV