Bye bye Clio

As the title says, my old (2004) Renault Clio 1.6L Privilege manual, bit the dust. The valves hit the pistons, and as they say, that’s that. To me it was not worth spending good money after bad fixing it, so off it went to the wreckers after a small amount of money came my way, and a refund of the remainder of the registration.

I must admit it has been a great car for me, and I had a lump in my throat as I saw it bobbing along on the back of the flat bed truck. They are going to break it for the parts, so I guess it will live on in other cars.

I’m using my old trusty ’68 Morris Mini as my daily for a short time whilst I figure out how I can or can’t afford another car. Trouble is the Mini is on club registration and I only can use it for 45 day’s, (each day I use it, I have to log it, but can use it for multiple trips on that logged day), between now and May. I might have to re-register it if I can’t find a suitable car by May.