House move and more Mini EFI

House move

Yesterday my landlord knocked on my door (he lives next door) and said that he was having both his and my house surveyed for his bank. Now I might be a little slow sometimes, but this was no boundary survey. It took all morning for both his and my house including all buildings to be 2D/3D laser mapped . One of the operators said it was the first part of a chain of events to get planning permission to build his new house that will occupy both blocks of of adjoining land. The architect was to get these plans.

Bugger! I knew that this was to eventually happen as the landlord’s wife had told me shortly after moving in that my house was to be demolished at some time. So much for the long term tenancy I asked the real estate agent for!

So rather than wait for a moving out notice, I’m on the lookout for new abodes.

Update 12th April 2016

Put an offer in on a property a week ago, no go. Luckily the second place I applied for was a goer, and a better fit for my future lifestyle, so the old adage “what’s for you won’t pass you by”, is a real truism.

New place (it’s only three years old) has a large double garage and a dedicated study. It was a good feeling to give notice to my current landlord… hopefully there will be no retribution!

So now it’s pack, pack some more and move the Mini and the Peugeot over to their new ‘digs’. Till I’m settled in, I will not be doing anything on the Mini, but once settled I’ll get back into it.

Update 23rd April 2016

Second day into packing the house ready for the move to the new abode this Friday. I decided last week to let the Peugeot 306 go to the wrecker, a shame I know, but I decided that I didn’t need two project vehicles, and the unknown fault of the auto transmission determined its fate. Good thing is the wreckers paid me for them to take it away.

Good thing about moving house is the things that you find, and the crap that you throw out so you can make more room for future junk!

snoopy moving house

Update 17th May 2016

House move is completed! The final box was dispatched to the huge pile waiting to go to the recyclers. It feels good to be able to walk through the house without tripping or having to sidestep packing boxes.

I’m looking forward to re-instating the fuel injection, especially the mapped ignition side of things as the advance curve and vacuum advance is totally wrong for this engine.

Time to relax now!

Mini EFI

Injector Deadtime

For the one or two followers of this blog, I have been doing a lot of bench testing of the MegaSquirt MS3 on the bench with the JimStim stimulator etc.

I have found a few things that would have affected the last tune that I was using. I was not getting a changing injector deadtime when the injector voltage (car battery voltage) changed due to me not setting up the  curve correctly. In my defense I can’t remember what I did yesterday let alone the profiling/characterisation of this injector. That said the problem as the MS3 software says: “Specifies the percentage change in injector deadtime vs. system voltage.
13.2V is typically 100%. At lower voltages the deadtime % will be above 100%; at higher voltages it will be below 100%”

Injector Dead Time/PWM Voltage Curve
Injector Dead Time/PWM Voltage Curve

Edit 28/02/2016 For context I’ve add the default injector deadtime/PWM curve below. Note that the 100% crosses at the default 13.2V point. I will be re-profiling all of the injector characteristics prior to re-implementing the EFI. I have a new injector ( the previous one was a reconditioned one) and it might be a lot different from the original.

Default TunerStudio Injector Dead Time/PWM Voltage Curve
Default TunerStudio Injector Dead Time/PWM Voltage Curve
Calibrate Battery Voltage

Well this is one I thought I had done before, but maybe it had reverted to default values after a software/firmware upgrade? Who knows.

Anyway this is an very important setting, as the MS3 needs to to know the correct battery voltage for a multitude of calculations.

The internal ADC (analog digital converters) in the MS3 are not always linear, as well as external component tolerances can transpire to skew the readings.

Calibrate Battery Voltage
Calibrate Battery Voltage

As you can see from the calibrate battery voltage dialog above the default values are 0V and 29.7V. My testing showed that the 0.7V and 31.4V gave me nearly spot on readings (within ~0.1V) when I altered the MS supply voltage between 7 – 18V. From memory at normal supply voltage of around 13.8V, the MS3 read around 11.xV. Obviously one of the issues affected by this voltage variance would be injector deadtime.

Now I don’t have time in this post to outline the procedure I used, but will expand upon it if anyone requests so.


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Mmmm what’s happening? A plugin called Aksimet which collects these, had lost the API key and all spam and legit comments were sent to the big dustbin in the sky, so I’ve got it working again. So if you want to re-post your comments please do. My apologies!