On it’s wheels again!

An update on the progress made in the last day or so.


  • Fitted new wheel bearings
  • Fitted new disc rotors and new correct length calliper to hub bolts
  • Fitted wheels with new ROH Contessa Mag wheel nuts as old ones were partly stripped by over eager tyre  fitters with an itchy rattle gun finger
  • Made some new boot hinge gaskets
  • Fitted petrol tank
  • Pop riveted boot bracket taken out to fit the tank
  • Fitted boot lid
  • Replaced Schrader valve in left Hydrolastic valve
  • Pumped up both sides of the Hydrolastic suspension

To do

  • Let the Hydrolastic down a bit quickly, to expel any air and then re-pump to my desired ride height i.e. two fingers between the top of the front wheel and bottom of arch, three fingers hopefully for the rear if I’ve got the correct number of spacers in the front.
  • Continue to wire new EFI harnesses to relay/fuse blocks and to sensors.
  • Fit MS to bottom of dash rail using nut inserts (more secure).
  • Test and set-up PWM for radiator fan control
  • Need to adjust tappets, as I have re-torqued the cylinder head.
  • Relocate power brake booster backwards by ~ 2″ to allow for a cold air/filter box to feed the MAF sensor that will be fitted at a later date.
  • Bleed all brakes as all 4 corners have been drained.
  • Fit the new heater.
  • Fit the new rear boot brackets (front ones done) and remake a boot board to fit on top of these brackets and also to wrap around the front of the tank.
  • Check timing and adjust the index position using TunerStudio to give the base timing value.
  • Adjust VE table to get it running OK
  • Take it for a drive to dial in VE table using TunerStudio’s VEAL.
  • Check that it runs!
  • Clean it, its filthy!
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.
Mini on its wheels finally!
Mini on its wheels finally!

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