Realtime Clock Module – Bench Test

Along with the Engine Knock Module, I managed to test that this Realtime Clock Module was working as expected, i.e. that I could set the date/time, that it would not forget the date/time when the ECU was turned off and lastly it kept accurate time.

  1. I connected the ECU to my JimStim just to get power, and the USB cable to my computer which was running TunerStudio software;
  2. I then opened the Realtime Clock dialog which can be found under the CAN-Bus/Testmodes button. Make sure that the ‘Enable Real Time Clock drop-down is set to ‘On-board’;
  3. Next press the ‘Set MS3 Time to Now’ button… this will get the current date/time from your PC, so make sure it’s correct!
  4. Now press the ‘Burn’ button, close the dialog and power cycle your ECU.
  5. Reboot ECU and connect TunerStudio;
  6. Open the dialog again, you should have a date/time under the ‘Current MS3 Time’ caption.

Realtime Clock Dialog

Realtime Clock Dialog

Unfortunately I didn’t get a screen dump of the last step, but I did it 24 hours later and noted that the clock had gained around 2 seconds. The RTC dialog allows you to apply a trim to the clock.

That’s about it, I look forward to my logs now to have accurate and real time stamps.