First Long Drive

Drive to Hanging Rock Classic Car Show

Today I:

Got up really early (for me anyway) to get ready for trip to the classic car show at Hanging Rock. Car started from cold on first turn, always a good thing! I turned on the data logging and “Auto Tune” for both the drive there and back, which I will study tonight;
Lots of cars there, even Gogomobile’s and Hillman Imps including a Husky.

Caught up with David (fatboydave), Scott (poeee), Noel (?), Shawn (?), Josh (miniimports), and others from the AusMini forum.

Most had a look and discussion of my conversion… thanks everyone for your interest and kind comments. The car is going better since it’s had a couple hundred Km’s under its belt using the Auto Tune function of TunerStudio. It’s now where near perfect, but it handled the drive, from crawling at a snails pace to 110Kmh on the Calder Highway. I think I have a small problem with the wideband O2 sensor; seems to show very lean readings straight after any moderate increase in MAP readings I.e straight after accelerating it leans out then comes good again. It might just be lack of acceleration enrichment, I’ll have to investigate further.


Make a bracket to fit the AIC (air idle control) valve, and plumb in the valve and connect it up to the MS; this will provide warm up control, I’m not sure though, whether it provides idle control.