The Brakes are a Braking

Just a little update for today. I spent most of the day cleaning the garage and whilst there I put the Peugeot on charge, as I will start looking at it shortly.

I had time this arvo to adjust the rear brakes on the Mini; the L/H drum was the worse. I also removed the ATF fluid from the SU damper using a piece of clear plastic tubing as a pipette. Don’t use non-clear tubing for obvious reasons! I then filled it up with 20-40W motor oil.

I haven’t had time to look at the Smiths instrument voltage regulator yet, maybe tomorrow. I’ll also road test for the flat spot in the carb as well as the brakes.

Mini and Pug back in garage after garage clean up
Mini and Pug back in garage after garage clean up


  • Adjusted rear brakes.
  • replaced SU damper oil with 20-40W motor oil.

To Do

  • Find out why instrument regulator is not working yet again!
  • Enjoy car!

Nice to do, but not required!

  • Fit the new heater. (Not doing until I have car on the road and tuned in… it is summer after all!)
  • Get a wheel balance and alignment.

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