Boot Rust

Day 6

Rust and more rust. The boot lid seal is perished and has gone hard, it has let in water that has rusted a nice circle where the spare wheel normally sits. If I had the money and knew how to MIG weld, I would have preferred to replace the wheel well, but I decided to just convert the rust using a phosphoric acid product, and then KillRust epoxy black paint over the top. A previous owner has done the same. Does anyone know of short courses in MIG welding over this side of Melbourne (I’m in Werribee)

Here is a picture of the KillRust’d boot floor:

Not pretty, but hopefully it will buy me time until I can do it properly.

Tomorrow’s to do list (I will hopefully):

  • fit the new L/H tail-light assembly;
  • fit the fuel tank;
  • make a mounting bracket for the different tank strap;
  • fit the EFI filter under the car;
  • mount the fuel regulator in the boot;
  • wire fuel pump to MS Relay Panel;
  • remove mechanical fuel pump and put blanking plate on;
  • run rubber EFI hoses as appropriate;
  • put fuel in tank;
  • pressure test system.

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