A little more progress on the Mini, and a French interruption

In my last post, I stated that things where progressing again with the Mini. Well it was until my everyday drive, a 2004 Renault Clio decided to breakdown on the way to work.

After much head scratching and a fistful of dollars, it has 4 new OEM quality pencil coils. Initially only one measured faulty… until I bought and fitted a replacement, then another one went. I had enough, and purchased another 3 coils from my local Bursons (thank you Brian at Bursons Hoppers Crossing store). I decided to replace the lot as I can’t afford any more downtime.

I also purchased an 170W ultrasonic cleaner with temperature control from Jaycar and used it to clean the injectors of the Clio and lots of greasy Mini parts. Works very well.

Anyway back to the Mini. I have managed to get the following done. Very little but at least a start considering.

  • Remove existing MegaSquirt relay board, and existing wiring for EFI sensors Done
  • Fit EFI fuel filter under the car and connect hoses Done
  • Remove standard engine driven fuel pump and fit blanking plate
  • Fit new 30PSI fuel pressure sensor (for PWM control of fuel pressure)
  • Fit new injector to throttle body Done
  • Fit new solid state relays (SSR) for PWM control of injection fuel pump and radiator electric fan
  • Clean and paint corner of bulkhead where brake fluid has removed paint and caused surface rust
  • Finish fitting new Bluetooth radio Done
  • Fit new relay and fuse block
  • Wire new EFI harnesses to relay/fuse blocks and to sensors
  • Fit MS to bottom of dash rail using nut inserts (more secure)
  • Test and set-up PWM for both fuel pump and radiator fan control
  • Fit new windscreen washer bag to hang under the R/H fender and connect it up
  • Relocate power brake booster backwards by ~ 2″ to allow for a cold air/filter box to feed the MAF sensor that will be fitted at a later date. Removed, waiting for me to make new 3/16″ pipes and new brackets
  • Replace the Cooper ‘S’ discs and pads
  • Replace with new and paint both L/H & R/H top suspension arms 1 done
  • Replace rear competition bump stops with standard bump stops
  • Check rear wheel brake cylinders for leaks and also that they are 5/8″ bore. Found one cylinder seized, replaced both sides, as well as brake shoe springs and adjusters.
  • Fit new brake hoses. 1/2 done
  • Fit the new heater
  • Fit the new boot brackets and make a boot board to fit on top of these brackets
  • Get wheel balance and alignment

2 Replies to “A little more progress on the Mini, and a French interruption”

  1. Thanks for the update, as someone with limited budget but infinite interest in the megasquirt project, it’s been great to live vicariously through your blog 🙂

  2. Thanks James for leaving a comment. I know I have some readers, but few if any leave comments.. why I don’t know, but seeing you have a blog, I’m sure you have similar experiences. Thanks anyway. I’ve got the next three days pencilled in for more work on the Mini. I think I’ll concentrate on the wiring next as I wan’t to get the returnless fuel tested before to long.

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