’68 Morris Mini Is For Sale

For those who have followed my various Mini posts on this Blog since December 2010 and also on the various web forums where I’m known as jb007. I have owned her since August 2002 but sadly, my impetus to keep her has waned, so it’s time to let someone else have fun with her and benefit from my efforts and expenditure.

Spare Parts

I’ve worked out what I have spent on her in terms of new engines and parts since 2011 when I started the EFI conversion. I never thought I’d sell her so I have thrown out most of the receipts so as to not to remind me how much I have spent over the years, but I have been able to create an Excel spreadsheet (some 4 pages) with all of the details gleamed from my accounts with various Mini part places over the world.
I have some spares not fitted to the car that but will entertain selling with the car or I’ll sell as individual parts after the sale of the car. I think it’s only fair to offer prospective buyers first offer on these parts before I advertise them.

Edit 27/04/2017: Removed link to spares, as most have gone either with new owner, or for sale on Gumtree. Here is the (updated 28/03/2017) downloadable Mini Spare Parts 28.03.17. Use the filters to show what is fitted and those parts that are available. The prices are what I paid, not what I’m asking, so feel free to make an sensible offer. Also note no freight has been included, and the majority of parts have been purchased overseas, so are a lot cheaper than the local guys, so I won’t be giving them away for peanuts! A few part prices I’ve guessed the price since I didn’t have a clue where I bought it. There is also some S/H suspension parts, speedo etc that has come off the car, but I have not had time to included these. All the EFI stuff will be uploaded in a seperate spreadsheet after the car is sold. But to give you an idea of what will be available:

  • 2 x JimStim MegaSquirt Stimulator, 1 assembled, 1 unassembled in packaging still
  • 1 x JimStimX Expansion Board, assembled
  • MS relay board, assembled
  • 1 x MegaSquirt II that has been upgraded to a MS III with black case and MS III daughter board kit
  • 1 x MS III MS3X Expansion card fitted to the MS III
  • 1 x  MS III Knock module kit fitted to the MS III
  • 1 x MS III Realtime clock module fitted to the MS III
  • 1 x Bluetooth module fitted to the MS III to allow laptop to communicate via Bluetooth or by a switch on the front of the MS III, use the USB connection. To my knowledge there is no kits available for Bluetooth/MS III, but I retro fitted a BT module into the MS III. See this blog for details.
  • MS II CPU daughter board
  • MS II Black case
  • Ford EDIS wasted spark ignition coil and laser cut bracket that mounts onto Minis clutch housing
  • VAG logic switched (used with outputs from MS3X expansion card) plus adaptor to fit on the laser cut bracket that mounts onto Minis clutch housing
  • Blanking plug for distributor hole
  • General Motors Open Element IAT (inlet air temp) sensor
  • GM coolant temp sensor
  • IAC (Idle Air Control Body) for use with a IAC control valve (stepper motor control from MS III)
  • Various DIYAutoTune cables and connectors
  • Rover OEM fuel injection fuel tank, currently fitted with a replacement SPI (low pressure) fuel pump. Can be modified to take a MPI (high pressure) fuel pump.
  • Rover OEM fuel filter bracket that mounts on the rear subframe
  • Other things I have forgotten about!

The Grand total of available parts is $3,078.83 and parts that are currently fitted to the car, and go with it when sold is $12,408.14.

Features Modifications and Details

It is fitted with an imported A+ 1310cc engine and rod change A+ gearbox that has done approximately 17,100Kms since installation. Has all mechanical items replaced or restored, most since 2011.
Some of the car features, modifications and or options fitted are:
• Cobra Recliner Seats
• Moto-Lita steering wheel
• Bluetooth radio with rear Pioneer 6×9 speakers
• 3-gauge binnacle with
• New Smiths electronic tachometer
• New Smiths 200Kmh speedometer
• Retractable seatbelts fitted to the front
• 7.5” disk brakes – new disks, callipers rebuilt, new brake pads
• 1″ stepped rear drums with new 5/8″ slave cylinders
• Rover MkIII brake booster
• Fully adjustable front suspension – camber, castor and toe in/out
• Fully adjustable rear suspension – camber and toe in/out
• Have retained the Hydrolastic suspension, superior ride to rubber cone
• New steering rack
• Yokohama A008 165/70 x 10” tyres – ~80% tread
• ROH Contessa Mag wheels
• 1986 Metro Mini A+ Reconditioned engine and gearbox fitted by Northern Mini Parts that has been bored out to 1310cc, has the Metro Turbo cylinder head and a Metro camshaft.
• New water pump
• Cylinder head fitted with double valve springs suitable for 1.5 ratio rockers which I have had previously fitted, will be available for sale as a separate part
• Minispares Rota slide adjustable duplex steel gear set
• Maniflow medium LCB headers
• New HIF44 (1 ¾”) SU carburettor on a Minispares inlet manifold
• RC-40 twin muffler exhaust system (fitted with an O2 sensor bung)
• New Verto clutch
• New CV joints
• Lucas 65DM4 A+ Electronic Distributor
• New Lucas alternator
• Aluminium radiator
• Removable grill for easier access to front of engine
• Thermatic fan and controller (No engine fan)
• New Stainless steel bumpers with knerf bars
• New (Dec 2016) windscreen with blue shade tint at top
• Halogen headlights

Car Condition

Mechanically the car is in excellent condition. The car body was repainted sometime in the 90’s by a prior owner and has now some issues with small rust bubbles in roof gutter, R/H rear window (common spot) and spidering near some of the body seams. Nothing major, but will have to be looked at soon. The R/H/F guard has been hit at some stage and has been poorly repaired/painted. The rear seat stitching has come loose. I was going to order the matching seat cover with blue piping from the UK to match the Cobra front seats.

Sale Conditions and Offers

The car is on Victorian Mini Club Inc. club registration which is not transferable, so the car will be sold unregistered and the RWC and delivery will be at the buyers’ expense. I also reserve the right to advertise the car on multiple sites.

Edit 1/4/2017

Have removed the car after failing to reach reserve on EBay. I’m also not interested in swapping the car for anything, wifes, girlfriends, boyfriends, cars, etc etc, other than just plain old money. Also please don’t ask what the buy it now price is, just arrange to have a look and drive, and then make me a genuine offer, you never now it might be yours.

Currently advertised on: Gumtree and CarSales.

Payment via Bank Deposit, PayPal, Bank Cheque or Cash On Delivery only.

Thanks for looking. Jim

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