21A1806 Hydrolastic Helper Springs 1

The Search

Around the 23/09/2014 I thought I’d look for two NOS 21A1806 helper springs. The rational was that the Hydrolastic helper springs fitted to the rear end of my car had sagged, causing the car to sits with its bum in the air.

Initial requests on a local forum as to where I’d find these springs, suggested that I’d be hard pressed to find any as they were last used/made around 1973. I don’t like the word no, so I searched the internet high and low. I then remembered that the Italians had the Innocenti Mini.

Luck was on my side and I found two on the Italian EBay site. Money changed hands and I obtained two NOS springs in their original boxes.

Here’s some pictures. Note the black band on end of spring. Shouldn’t it be orange?

Look, original boxes!
Black instead of orange… maybe Italians don’t like orange?
The top shiny bits.
It measures up.

Next thing to do will be to measure both the new springs and also the old ones. Stay tuned.

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