14point7 Wide-Band O2 Sensor

Nothing much really to report.

I took her to work on both days this weekend. She’s just purring along and over the last 320km she achieved better than 53MPG!

One thing I have noticed is that she backfires when starting. This has only happened since the upgrade from the MegaSquirt II to III hardware upgrade. I did see a mention on the MegaSquirt Extra forum from another user that they were having backfires on the latest firmware (same as I have). I think I’ll leave alone until the firmware goes production ready.

I’ve also put the TunerStudio software on my Netbook so I can use it rather than my MacBook Air. Reason being is that the Netbook fits really well in the L/H dash and the Mac doesn’t.

The first 230k’s were the trip I took to Marysville, so very little stop and start, the last 100k’s just local and highway trips to work. I’m very impressed!

One observation is the new 14point7 wide-band O2 sensor seems to be a lot quicker in reacting to AFR changes compared to my TechEdge. This will obviously (I think) help TunerStudio tune the VE table more accurately.

I’ve also just tested the Netbook to make sure it can connect to the ECU. It does, both by Bluetooth (I can fit an RS-232 to Bluetooth adapter on the ECU), and USB.

If I had multiple injectors running sequential injection, Megasquirt can also progressively shutdown the injectors for a smoother transition. I don’t really feel the cutoff or reengagement, maybe because the 1310 is not the smoothest engine?

My Renault has this feature, and I can feel the reengagement sometimes. I also get 6.4l/100km (37MPG) combined city/highway.

I’ll try to get some comparative MPG readings.

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