Protel to Kicad – Update

Saturday 18th Feb 2017
To give an update I am just about to code the Kicad PCB output functionality after confirming the ‘Parsing’ of the AutoTRAX PCB file format is working. The code has taken me a while, mainly because I’m wrestling with learning PHP et al and getting comfortable with coding after an absence of nearly 12 years from my previous life as a software engineer.
One of the largest PCB boards that I have to test the code produces the following statistics:

No of File Lines = 66041
No of Missed Line Items = 0
No of Components = 690
No of Comp Tracks = 3925
No of Comp Pads = 3836
No of Comp Strings = 0
No of Comp Fills = 8
No of Comp Arcs = 146
No of Comp Vias = 0
No of Free Tracks = 16597
No of Free Pads = 18
No of Free Via = 979
No of Free Fills = 2739
No of Free Arcs = 11
No of Free Strings = 49

It is a good board to test the code, but I would like other PCB’s to test, so if you have any that I can use, then contact me to arrange transfer etc. They will NOT be published anywhere, just used for validation, I will even send you the converted PCB if you wish once the export functionality is working at least to ‘Alpha’ quality.

Protel AutoTRAX PCB to KiCAD convertor

I’m working on a utility that will allow users to convert Protel AutoTRAX PCB files to KiCAD PCB files. For more info, please select Technology/EDA/Protel to KiCAD Convertor from the top menu, or click here.

It’s just a holding page at the moment but I would love if anyone interested in this utility, to post comments and or suggestions. E.g. Is there anyone out there who wants to convert their files, what features would they think or would like this convertor to have etc???