Megasquirt EFI ECU & Parts Sale

I have finally found the time to offer for sale my MS (MegaSquirt) EFI ECU’s and other related (and non-related) parts. All are in perfect working order and either were taken from the car working, and in some cases never used at all.

Please feel free to look at my blog posts where I have documented some of the modifications I’ve made to the MS3 ECU i.e. Bluetooth, Knock Sensor, Time, MS3X Expansion card…

I am putting all of these items up for sale/auction on eBay within the next week or so, which will be found here on my for sale items on eBay. Most items will have a reserve price, and no I will not be revealing it, so please don’t ask as I will most probably not respond! Meanwhile, I’m posting this post to various Mini social media sites and forums so that you may get the opportunity to make offer(s) before I put it on eBay.

I prefer not to deal with overseas bids, so Australia only, but you might be able to twist my arm if you contact me before bidding to get an idea of what the courier charges including insurance will be. It will be PayPal only, or cash on local pickup in Altona Meadows, Victoria.

I will not be placing a for sale amount against any of the items on this blog, unless I have withdrawn the item(s) from sale/auction on eBay, so please do your research on the items, as I have provided links to the suppliers web sites for you to see what they are new so you can make me an informed and hopefully reasonable offer. I will bundle also.

Most of the MegaSquirt stuff, was purchased from the US company DIYAutoTune a great company to deal with. I will include their relevant SKU numbers and a link to the item, so you can price up what it would cost you if you bought new. Also don’t forget freight in your calculations!

There might be a few more things for sale, e.g. some DiyAutotune cables etc in the near future, so I will update this post when I have collated them.

Use the contact form below to enquire about the items, and I apologise for the size of this post, it took me ages to write!


This is a custom MegaSquirt-III Engine Management System: Don’t forget that this is a fully assembled and tested custom system with all the extras added including Bluetooth. I have changed the original MAP sensor to a 1 Bar sensor, which suited my naturally aspirated car better, as it allows a fine granularity/resolution over its range compared to the 3 Bar (?) sensor original fitted. If I can find the original, I’ll included it in the sale of the MS3. The MS3 will be loaded with the latest firmware and a default factory tune before shipping.

It comprises  of the following parts:

  • MS330-K This was a kit that I assembled and upgraded from the original MS2.
  • MS3-DBK MS3 daughterboard kit. Used to upgrade the MS2 to a MS3.
  • MS3Knock-K This add on board solders on top of the MS3 daughter board and gives you two channels of knock input that the MS3 can use to retard spark. Features include a programmable bandpass filter, levels that change with RPM, the ability to assign different cylinders to different sensors, and different gain levels for each cylinder. You can use common Bosch sensor(s) with this.
  • MS3Xpander This board provides via the 37 pin connector the following input & outputs

8 Sequential fuel injection outputs. Each can drive a high impedance injector, and unused injection outputs can be put to other purposes.
8 Logic level 5 volt ignition outputs. Works with many types of ignition modules and coils, including LSx coils and our IGN-1As. Requires external module or coils with internal ignitors.
6 Medium current outputs. Use for 2 stage progressive nitrous, boost control, tach output, 2 or 3 wire PWM idle speed control, general purpose PWM or relay control, or many other potential applications.
3 Analog inputs. Use for an external MAP sensor, second O2 sensor, fuel pressure, accelerometer, or general data logging.
4 Switch inputs. Can be used to start data logging, arm a nitrous system, switch tables, launch control, VSS input (with external conditioner), and more.
1 Cam sensor input. Can be used with VR, Hall, or optical sensors.

  • MS3RTC-K Added to give a real time clock so as to give your MS3’s SD card or logs a time/date stamp.
  • Bluetooth Bluetooth module that lets you talk to the MS3 without being tethered by a USB cable. Great for when you are out on the road using Tunerstudio to log or tune the ECU. This is my own modification, and it can be switched between the USB or Bluetooth by the switch on the front of the MS3.

Simulator Boards

I have the following simulator boards.

  • JimStim-K – Assembled Use this board to test the MegaSquirt’s inputs and outputs on the bench, before you install it on a car! The JimStim features a microcontroller which allows the simulation of up to 30 different toothed wheels, in addition to the standard distributor signal of the standard stimulator. Instead of having the Megasquirt set to “Stim for Wheel” to test your RPM input on the Stim, you can tell the JimStim to provide a signal like the one from a Neon, Miata, Subaru, most Fords, and many more. It can also drive ignition input mods with pull-ups.


  • JimStim-K – Unassembled Unassembled, still in plastic bag ready for you to assemble, or see my fully assembled and tested one above.


  • JimStimX-C This will allow you to see the inputs and outputs on the MS3X expansion card in action. Fully assembled, use in conjuction with the JimStim-K(s) above.


  • MSStim22-K  MS2 Stimulator Board v2.2 – Assembled ready to go for all versions of the MS, PCB 2.2, 3.0, and all surface mount 3.57 boards.


  • E-MSx22-CE  Case with Flanged Endplates Machined for MS using the version 2.2 PCB (MS2).

  • MS2-DB MS2 Daughterboard – For upgrading your MS1 ECU, or replacement of your damaged MS2 daughterboard.

Rover EFI Fuel Tank

For sale is a Rover EFI fuel tank that will be sold without the new MiniSpares SPI replacement pump that is currently fitted (see below). This tank will take many different in-tank pumps, including the Rover MPI one, Walbro etc.

The tank has the fuel sender, original Rover locking fuel cap with key, tank bracket and plastic protection cover. I’m also including a new gasket that fits between the fuel pump lid and tank.

Pickup only in Altona Meadows unless you can nominate or arrange for courier/freight/shipping that allows empty used fuel tanks. There will be an additional cost to pack it at your expense (large box with lot’s of bubble wrap!).

Walbro 5CA401 SPI Replacement Fuel Pump

This replacement pump is made by Walbro USA, it’s part number is 5CA401 and it’s specifications can be found here. This is what Minispares sell as the SPI replacement pump. It was fitted to the tank as above, just before I removed the EFI, so is near new. It will be sold with the wires, pump and filter. The pump pickup is just for illustration and goes with the tank.

SECU-3 Micro Ignition Unit with Bluetooth

I was considering fitting this SECU-3 Micro Ignition unit  to the car when I took off the MS3, and just converting it to mapped ignition only. I ordered this item with the optional Bluetooth module fitted. I have tested this on the bench, and have had it talking via both Bluetooth and USB. It is brand new.
It is very well designed and I will throw in extra connectors & pins that I ordered locally so you can make up  more than one lead, e.g. one for testing on the bench, the other in car etc. I believe this is superior to other units that are being sold locally, and the designer has the software to program the ignition map on his  SECU-3 web site.

Lexia 3

– Peugeot Citroen Diagnostic Tool

I have used this twice, on two different Peugeots. It comes with various connectors to suit different model OBDCII connectors. Has two different applications on CD’s. It worked on both cars.

K&N CM-8012 POD Air Filter

This is a genuine K&N CM-8012 POD air filter I purchased when I was going to convert my EFI project car from a MAP to MAF setup. Like some of my projects it stalled, and hence this as new filter is for sale.

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