Hi my name is Jim Bartlett and I’m a geek! Being born in 1957, I guess I was a geek long before the word geek went mainstream. From a very early age I was always pulling things apart, repairing or even designing things (but not always successfully). I remember fondly using both a ‘Philips Mechanical’ mechanical engineering set and a ‘Philips Electronics’ electronics set, (can anyone remember these?), to create an optical line following robot of my own design circa 1971.

Along the way I got interested in cars and started servicing my parents cars. I have lost count of how many cars I’ve owned since buying my first car for $475, a Holden EH Premier, in 1974 when I joined the R.A.A.F. I think I have had five or six Minis and three MGB’s, plus lots of others.

I have always gravitated back to the Mini, relishing it’s handling, and simple engineering. I have also used them as an everyday car, in fact in 1984 I drove a 998cc Clubman from Surfers Paradise, Queensland to Geraldton,  Western Australia, some 4,718km (so Google Maps tells me). Other than running out of petrol once, the journey was completely uneventful, but boy was I deaf and bent over afterwards! This just goes to show you how reliable these cars are if maintained properly and not thrashed to death, (hard not to do!).

I’ve always wanted to learn about EFI, ECU’s and their inner workings. My background in electronics (ex R.A.A.F) and my software engineering qualifications I think, (dangerous, I know), will hopefully help me along the way.

Therefore I’m attempting to convert my 1968 Morris Mini Deluxe fitted with a later A+ 1310cc engine, to run Throttle Body Injection utilising the existing HIF44 by using a Patton Machinery carburettor adaptor. This Blog is not meant to be a ‘How To’, rather a chronicle of my installation(s), ideas and hopefully provide inspiration for others.

Some of these posts were originally posted on the AusMini forum and subsequently on the MiniDriver forum. I have decided to copy them to this blog to be used as a reference point for next phase(s) of the Mini’s EFI conversion. I will also be including other subjects/topics other than Mini related, as time and money permits.

I hope you get some value out of my ramblings and more so feel free to provide helpful comments, constructive criticism or just a hello as you pass through.



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  1. Dear Jim, I can send you protel PCB file, but I haven’t got any email address to you … please, let me know your contact. Thanks in advance. BR, Josef

    1. Hi Josef, Sorry for delay getting back to you, I haven’t logged in here for a while as I’ve been in hospital and have also been busy updating/creating Hackintosh’s. I’ll send this message to your e-mail. Cheers, Jim.

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